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What We Do

We Lend So You Can Drive

If you’re an owner-operator who doesn’t have the needed cash or credit when you need it most, Truck Repair Lending is here to help. We’ll loan you up to $15,000 on almost any commercial vehicle to cover repairs, insurance, IRP or income taxes…you name it. There’s no vehicle inspection required. Whether you drive a semi, box truck, dump truck or other commercial vehicle, we make our decision based on your story, not your past. If finding the money is the only thing keepin' you off the road, you've found your solution. We lend so you can drive.

Application is easy: You spend 10 minutes on the phone and send us photos of your Driver's License, your truck, your truck's odometer and the title*, and you're on your way.  

We offer two convenient options, installment loans at a fixed interest rate and easy monthly payments, or title pawns with flexible payment options, if credit is a problem. 

*Or a photo showing the VIN