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Keep up to date on current issues, changing regulations, maintenance and repair tips, technology for the road, and many other useful subjects. You’ll also be able to keep up with all the latest news and developments at Truck Repair Lending through our blog posts. Whether we add new products or add a new member to the team, you can find out about it right here.

  • Is something going on in the insurance market for independents?

    Clearly, the answer to that question is yes and will no doubt be yes to the end of time. But let me explain a little better what I mean on this particular day. I got a call from Tennessee-based independent Wayne VanHooser, whom regular readers may recall from some past coverage. When his insurance came up for renewal recently (something I imagine many of you may well go through this time of year), he got a pretty big surprise.

  • This Town Has A Holiday Inspection Blitz That Truckers Love

    Truck drivers passing through Virginia Beach this past Monday were treated to unusual safety inspections. Instead of citations and a hard time, truckers got something unusual: kindness.When drivers pulled into the weigh station on I-264 East just before the Rosemont Road exit, they were greeted with a surprise. The first sign that something was different was probably seeing Santa in his big red suit waving at them.Next, they pulled up to be greeted by Officer Forest Godwin with the Suffolk Polic...

  • Hero Driver Saves Unconscious Young Mother… By Letting Her Crash Into Him

    A young mother got in an accident when an oil truck driver in front of her intentionally caused her to crash into him. But she’s not mad. In fact, she says that the oil truck driver is an “angel.”

  • Movin' Out

    BRL is front page news in the June issue of MOVIN’ OUT. Read the story of a company that’s not only on the move but is here for truckers who need cash in a hurry to get them back on the road. You have their word on it.

  • Inflation is coming to the US economy on an 18-wheel flatbed

    While broader inflation gauges have been restrained, price pressures are building in the freight and cargo industry.Demand is surging from firms looking for trucks to carry their loads, with some gauges up more than 100 percent on a year-over-year basis.Inflation is showing up elsewhere as well, with a New York Fed indicator at its highest level since 2006.Investors and policymakers have gone looking for inflation over the past decade and largely have come up empty.It could, however, come barrel...

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